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NEWSRAC: June – delivered free to homes in  Northwood, Ellastone, Wootton, Stanton, Ramshorn

#Emergency Numbers – supplied by the Ellastone Parish Council.

Monday Club – Many thanks to Tim Challins who spoke about the forthcoming 2018 Ashbourne Festival. Do visit the Festival website and book your events as tickets are selling out.

St. Peter’s Ellastone Summer Opening        As in the previous few years, St. Peter’s Church in Ellastone will be opening during the day on Sundays to give everyone the chance to come in, have a wander around, maybe look at the Heritage Items on display – or perhaps just spend a bit of quality time in the quietness.

….. All nice and clean and ready for visitors!

If you wish to visit at any other time please contact the church warden by phone only on 01335 324 859 and she will try to arrange a mutually convenient time.

The Ellastone Bowls Club

Come along and have a go! When? Most evenings when the weather’s nice after 6pm, especially Fridays. How much? Full members – £30.00. First time members – £15.00. Feel you’d like to do it but can’t play? No problem, we all were beginners once!

Dates for your diary – 

#Ellastone Village Fete will be held this year on Saturday July 14th from 2.00 to 4.30 in the lovely gardens of Lychgate House. A planning meeting is being held on 5th June at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. Do come along and take part and let us have any suggestions for this event. Newcomers to the village, this is a nice way to get to know people.

#The 35th Ellastone Horticulture, Produce and Handicraft Show will take place this year on Sunday 26th August in the Parish Hall. The doors open at 2pm and admission is 50p. The entry fee for each class is 20p and there is no limit to the number of entries made by each person. Entries can be brought to the hall on Saturday Eve (25th Aug) between 7pm and 9pm and Sunday (26th Aug) from 7am to 11am.
Classes include Handicrafts, Photography, Flowers, Cookery and of course Vegetables.
There are also Junior classes for 11 years and under.

Ellastone Parish Hall
20161003_200649Users of the Parish Hall will see that a programme of improvements to the building has now started. The committee is currently planning the various steps and obtaining estimates for work. Inevitably things may look a little untidy while work is underway but the committee hopes that no-one will be inconvenienced.

The Parish Hall is a building with a special history including, of course, its time as a hospital during the First World War. There is a project ongoing to document the history and there is a lot of information available up to the end of the Second World War, but little after this. It may be that there is an old minute book (or books) of meetings languishing in someone’s attic. If anyone has any information would you please let us know. Thank you.

The next meeting of the Parish Hall Committee will be on Tuesday 19 June at 7.30pm. New members are always welcome.

 If you would like to investigate hiring our beautiful old  Parish Hall for meetings or social occasions please press the link.

#The Book Club – Do you like reading? Like some company or want to meet new friends?  How about joining a new social book club where members can meet up on a regular basis for a chat with coffee/wine and nibbles? Maybe meeting at members houses to discuss books and meet each other—all welcome! Interested ? Call Julie on 01335 324692 or email her at double.forgetmenot@gmail.com

Tennis ClubGioppino_Tennis_ballYou can find out all about the club by pressing the link or going to the Ellastone Tennis Club Facebook page.

Ellastone Parish Council – Just over 1% of residents’ Council Tax Bills goes
to the Parish Council and, whilst it has decided to raise slightly more money ( a few pounds a year), its charge will still remain low compared with most other parts of Staffordshire.

Press the #link to find out more …

Ellastone Reading Room
Snooker and Billiards are available in Ellastone at the “Reading Room”. Situated adjacent to the Parish Hall on Church Lane and built in 1897, the Reading Room has a fullsize table available for Snooker and Billiards.
Membership is just £10 per year for adults, £6 for juniors (under16s) and £20 for Family
Membership. It costs only 50p per 20 minutes play. The room is also ideal for meetings and events and costs £10 for a meeting or £20 for an all day booking. If you want further information, please contact Arthur or Hilda Tideswell on 01335 324203.

Neibourhood Watch:   #Please can  you help? – Some parts of Ellastone no longer have a neighbourhood watch coordinator. The duties are not onerous, simply consisting of receiving e mails from the Police and forwarding them on to neighbours. The e mails are alerts on criminal activity, items to watch for, scams either on e mail or phone calls (from very nice-sounding people) etc. If you would like to volunteer as a coordinator for your part of the village, please email: Julie Sadler, our Parish Clerk, js.ellastonepc@gmail.com

Fast Broadband:

A reminder that Ellastone is able to access fast broadband. To find out if you are able to receive the enhanced service, you can put your postcode into the linecheck. If your address is listed as receiving the faster broadband then you should speak to your service provider about signing up for the fibre service. Many thanks to everyone who has fought to get this facility and especially to our MP Andrew Griffiths for his assistance in this matter.



If someone has a heart attack, or you suspect that is the case, you should phone 999 and they will provide the code for the box along with instructions as to what to do. If you would like more details press here.

#Mobile Library

The Library 2018 Visits – Click on the link for more information

#Mobile Post Office – The Post Office in Ellastone is in the Reading Room, adjacent to the Parish Hall on Monday and Thursday from 9.00am until 12.00 noon.

Please send us an email.

Ellastone Weekly Events
Day Time Event Location
Sun Click # St Peter’s
1st Mon/mth 14.30 Monday Club Parish Hall
Mon 18.30 Tai Chi Parish Hall
Tue 13.30 Painting Group Parish Hall
Tue 18.15 Circuit Training Parish Hall
Fri  19.00 Indoor Bowls (from January) Parish Hall
#Click Here Special Events in Ellastone #Click Here
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family tree by PeterBrough - a simple drawing of a family

We have had quite a few enquiries from people researching their family tree. We have now set up a Genealogy page. If you have any useful information please let us know.

 If you would like us to put something onto the diary then please send us an email.

Everything that we publish is done in good faith. If you notice any mistakes, then please send us an email.

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