E L L A S T O N E   P A R I S H   C O U N C I L

 Transparency Code

All Parish Councils with an annual turnover of less than £25,000 are subject to the Transparency Code.

This Code consists of the following:

  1. Annual Governanace Statement 2018-19
  2. Annual Accounting Statement 2018-19
  3. Annual Internal Audit 2018-19
  4. Annual Return 18-19
  5. Public Rights
  6. External Audit 2
  7. Ellastone Notice of CommencementAnnual Governanace Statement 2018-19
  8. Payments over £100
  9. Regulations to be displayed with Notice dates of account
  10. External Audit Report
  11. Notice of Conclusion of Audit Ellastone
  12. Transparency Code
  13. Declaration of status of accounts
  14. List of Councillors and responsibilities (see below)
  15. Details of public land and building assets (see below)
  16. Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings

This change will enable electors and ratepayers the ability to access relevant information about the authorities’ accounts and governance

Ellastone Parish Council 2018-2019

Rob Watkin – Chairman
David Smith – Vice Chairman
Michael Bailey, Jill Bland, Muriel Robinson, Jane Wain

General Election 2017: Declaration of result of poll 2017

Details of public land:

  • The Parish Hall Car park
  • The Bowling Green
  • The Tennis court

Data Protection:

Privacy Policy


Ellastone Parish Council Standing Orders

Public Rights

If you would like further information please contact:

Julie Sadler, Parish Clerk – Tel:01335 324692     e-mail:


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