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Ellastone Parish Council

Meetings are in the Reading Room next to the Parish Hall. Meetings are always open to the public. We welcome input from all residents.

#The next meeting :   30 January 19.00 Parish Hall

Please submit anything for the agenda one week prior to the date of the meeting via Julie Sadler: or 01335 324692

Traffic Issues in Ellastone September 2018:

Many in the village are concerned about traffic in the village and to inform everyone about what the Parish Council have been doing about this they have produced this statement regarding the efforts which have been made over a number of years and the current position with Staffordshire County Council. Press the link: Traffic Issues in Ellastone.

 Council Tax

Just over 1% of residents’ Council Tax Bills goes to the Parish Council and, whilst it has decided to raise slightly more money ( a few pounds a year), its charge will still remain low compared with most other parts of Staffordshire.

#Why the increase? …….. The reason is to deal with the effect of expenditure reductions at County and Borough level.

Staffordshire County Council are engaged in a localisation drive, to find things which would be “better delivered locally” (typically by Parish Councils) and on which they won’t then have to spend money. An example is stopping the visits of the Neighbourhood Highways Team to tidy up the village.

Also, East Staffordshire Borough Council no longer supplies the Parish Council with copies of drawings detailing Planning Applications, even though they are required to seek our comments on them. As this information is now only available on-line, Ellastone Parish Council has decided to pay for internet connection for the Parish Hall. This investment will also improve the facilities that the Parish Hall can offer to its current users and help to attract new ones.

In the medium term, funds are needed to support measures to reduce the speed of traffic through our village. The application for a 30mph limit, which was overwhelmingly supported by residents, was accepted in principle by Staffordshire CC, but its leader, Councillor P. Atkins, has stated that it will only happen if it is community-funded as Ellastone will not be a high enough priority for the County Council to pay for it. Alternative interim measures to reduce traffic speed are being actively considered by the Parish Council.

The role of the Parish Council:

As a tier of local government Ellastone Parish Council is an elected body, with discretionary powers and rights laid down by Parliament to represent and provide services for the community. Press the link below if you would like to find out more about local government:

Local Government who does what

The Parish Council seeks to act as a focus for local opinion, and provide a way to get things done in a way that is best suited to the local community.   The Parish council does not see itself as operating in isolation, achieving far more by being prepared to work constructively with other public bodies and organisations.

Ellastone Parish Council:

  • Is consulted on planning applications.
  • Has points of contact with principal council services, such as highways, cleansing, parks, elections etc and contributes to the way such services are provided.
  • Is represented, collectively with other parish councils, on the Local Strategic Partnership.
  • Liaises with other stakeholders operating services within the parish council boundaries.
  • Contributes to proposals which may be made to the Secretary of State under the Sustainable Communities Act 2007

Ellastone Parish Council 2018-2019

Rob Watkin – Chairman
David Smith – Vice Chairman
Michael Bailey, Jill Bland, Muriel Robinson, Jane Wain

As the lowest tier of democratically elected representatives in the country, parish councils have the mandate to speak on behalf of the people they represent. Ellastone Parish Council  aims to do this with authority and integrity in order to have the optimum effect.

#Ellastone Parish Council meets formally approximately 6 times every year; dates of meetings are posted on the notice boards in the village and on this website. If you would like the Parish Council to raise an issue on your behalf, contact the Parish Clerk for it to be included on the next agenda :
Julie Sadler: or 01335 324692

Minutes are published once they have been approved and signed at the following meeting.




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