Ellastone Tai Chi & Health Qigong

Exercise for Health and Wellbeing with Tai Chi and Qigong

Ellastone Parish Hall, Mondays 18.30 – 20.00

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  • £6 per lesson.
  • Easy to follow, gentle exercises, suitable for all ages and abilities, male and female.
  • No experience is necessary. Casual clothing and a bottle of water.

Qualified Instructor: call Kaye for more details on 01335 324750

Weeks 1 & 2:

Here are some links to the routines that we did, just in case you missed the first two weeks or if you would like to remind yourself and look dead good next week!!

If you press on the Taijiquan Symbol above there is a link to Kaye performing the 8 Step so that we have the real thing to copy. However, it takes a while to download at the moment – go and unload the dishwasher then come back and look at bottom left of your screen …. working on that one!

Qigong: 12 step Daoyin              Tai Chi: Yang 8

Yang Style 24 Tai Chuan

Tai Chi is a gentle form of movement combining breathing and coordinated exercise that delivers recognised health benefits.With roots over 2000 years old Qigong involves gentle movements that increase flexibility, strengthen tendons and muscles and improve balance and coordination. Regular practice improves balance, flexibility and muscle tone, while inner focus reduces stress and boosts energy and mental, as well as physical wellbeing.

Read more about Tai Chi on the NHS website:

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