New Website

So here is the new website. Ellastone has now officially been launched into cyberspace. Please send us your comments and suggestions as we would like this site to be of use to the community. The diary is a first attempt at the moment and obviously some of the pages lack their content, but we’re making progress.

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3 Responses to New Website

  1. Ridge08 says:

    What a lovely website! Pictures of the surrounding area are beautiful. Well done to all those involved. Will local traders be able to advertise for a small fee to help with the running costs?

  2. NickTaylor says:

    It’s good looking indeed (thanks partly to the ever-useful WordPress) so well done everyone. And of course the more used it is the more useful it becomes, and the more used it will be…….

    I take it that this is the Website that the Parish Council are hoping to set up? Otherwise the post from January is rather redundant.

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