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Gioppino_Tennis_ballEllastone Tennis Club  

We areGioppino_Tennis_ball very lucky in Ellastone to have a superb tennis court by the bowling green and the Parish Hall. Also find us on Facebook.

Click here for the Treasurer’s Update 2016

20160830_111147Last year Ellastone Tennis Court was given a new lease of life with a new surface and net, as well as new spectator seating. An informal competition was held and a trophy awarded to the overall winner – Ian Duckmanton.  It is hoped that this will be repeated this year and more players will become involved in the fun.#

Existing members

To maintain your current membership please ensure that your annual subscriptions are paid in April 2017.

£25 per year for a family (up to 2 adults and 2 other family members under 18 years of age).

  • £10 per year for individual membership.#
  • Membership commences from 1st April until 31st

To those supporters of the Tennis club who pay a smaller membership fee and do not play, we very much appreciate your valuable support in helping to maintain the court, thank you so much for your continued help.

#New members

If you are interested in using the court and wish to become a club member then this is a great time to sign up.  There is an initial joining fee of £20 per family (up to 2 adults and 2 other family members under 18 years of age) or £10 per individual + the annual subscription fee.  As long as you continue to renew your membership by BACS during the following April, you will then only need to pay the annual membership fee.  This is very reasonably priced as the court is administered by volunteers and all subscription fees go towards the running of the club and maintenance of the site.

We hope you enjoy the court and the new club facilities. Bring your own # Pimm’s!


For more details or an application form please contact us via: Ellastonetc@gmail.com

You can also refer to the noticeboard for details of how to join the club.




The Ellastone Tennis Club has completed the first phase of improvements – a new court surface, a new net, new bench seat and a new ‘pavilion’.

The photo ‘participants’ kindly helped with the build of the ‘pavilion’ and with moving the structure to the court for re-assembly – a very big thank you to them all for plenty of hard work; Paul Archer, Matthew Archer, Mark (the dentist!) and Police Constable Kate Barlow.

The court was used extensively over the summer and in August a club knockout competition began. Member apprehension precluded a few entries (shame as all abilities were so welcome). However the competition ran its course with real enthusiasm from all participants.

The final on Saturday September 22nd was between Jeannette Pike and Ian Duckmanton. Umpired by Treasurer James Archer with assistance in line calls and as ball boys/girls from player family members, the two-set match was brilliant to watch. Jeanette was “on fire” with her amazing top-spin smashes and consistent serving, only for Ian to retrieve brilliantly and ensure Jeannette would have to cover the whole court thanks to his great baseline game. After a 6-4 first set win by Ian, the second set was thrilling with really long rallies and memorable howls from the spectators as each player retrieved some excellent shots. Ian came through to win the second set 6-3 to become Ellastone Tennis Club Champion 2016.

Thanks to the sporting behaviour by both players the event was really fun for all in atte#ndance. We hope Ian will be back to defend his title next year, when we look forward to more entries. Well done to all who participated.


Kind regards, Ellastone Tennis Committee



The insurance only covers paid-up members of the tennis club. Therefore the court is locked and members need to ring either of the numbers below to confirm their 20160830_111147membership and then they will receive the code – this only has to happen once a year.

The tennis committee meet in the Reading Room of the Parish Hall four times a year. If you would like to consult the Minutes please contact James (see details below).

Gioppino_Tennis_ballYou do not need to be a resident of the village to join.

For more info contact:

James A#rcher on Ellastone 324073 or email ellastonetc@gmail.com


A note from our club secretary:

Gioppino_Tennis_ballDear all

The committee requests that you please set up an annual standing order with your bank, to be deducted from your bank on 1st April 2018.  This is not something that we are able to change for you.  The bank details are:

  • ETC bank:  HSBC
  • Sort Code: 40-19-15
  • Account Number:  22183994

Anyone who does not renew their membership in April 2017 will be considered a lapsed member and will then need to re-join the club if they wish to play, paying a new joining fee for new members.  It has also been decided that due to limited time and availability of the Committee Members, all new memberships will need at least 1 week from receipt of payment and membership forms to be processed.  The gate code will not be released before this point.


#Club Secretary



Gioppino_Tennis_ballPlease remember that the CODE to enter the court changes in May 

If you have not had an email please ring Rebecca ~(number above).


If you are a member of the Ellastone Tennis Club you are eligible for FREE membership to the British Lawn Tennis Association.

Members receive all these fantastic benefits:Gioppino_Tennis_ball

  • Entry into the BTM Wimbledon ballot
  • An Aegon British Tennis Rating
  • Discounts & pre-sales on tickets for events
  • A personalised monthly e-newsletter
  • Access to special offers at tennis.net
  • Offers and discounts through LTA partners

– Click on the logo above for more details.


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